Thursday, January 28, 2016

Kinderkookkafe: The Restaurant Run By Kids.

   Imagine being in a restaurant where the waiter, the chef, barista, cashier and dishwasher is a kid, ranging from age 5 to 12. Kinderkookkafe is a restaurant run entirely by children with the help of two grown-ups. The restaurant was first created as a day care, it later on progressed as a cooking school for kids after the owners realized kids enjoy cooking and it was an affective way of distracting the children.

     Kinderkookkafe is located in Amsterdam. It has a simple menu that includes a main dish and dessert. The menu includes sandwiches, milkshakes, cookies, cakes, pies and pancakes. The kitchen, including ingredients, tools and instructions are all at the children's eyesight level. The children's also wash up, serve soft drink behind the bar, and write checks. The goal is to teach kids how to be responsible in a enjoyable environment, and start setting up passions and hobbies from an early age.
      Some people have argue that the place should be close because is child labor, but let's not forget
that  the cafe is also a day care. The parents leave their kinds and when they come back to pick them up, they usually sit down with their childrens to eat what they created. In other words,  the restaurant is also an opportunity to spend quality time as a family.
  This restaurant is great for those who have younger siblings!



Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dans Le Noir - Eating without actually seeing anything at all?

     This restaurant is located at Barcelona, EspaƱa. In the entrance of such peculiar restaurant, customers have to leave their watch and cellphone. This is done to make people loose the sense of time. Then, the customers enter a world of darkness. They are guided by waitress through the whole dining process.

   Customers are unaware of where they seat, with whom, and what they are eating. The goal of the restaurant is to make customers experience all the other senses, such as taste, touch, smell, and hearing. More than a restaurant is a human feeling experience. The menu at Dans Le Noir is a surprise and until the end of the experience, the customer will know what it ate. This restaurant is an invitation to stimulate your taste buds and revive your senses in total darkness with subtle, creative cuisine that uses only fresh products. It's a game to awaken your senses to help you appreciate original dishes, textures and delightful forms. Prices vary from $40 to $70 dollars. All the waitress are visually impaired to show that blinds are also capable and support their possibility of work. 

   The dinning room is completely dark and any source of light is asked to be put away.   The customers are asked to sing a waiver and allergies information sheet before entering the dinning room. The dark room is monitored by cameras to ensure the welfare of the customers. Customers spend two hour maximum in the dark dinning room. The food is mainly inspired by French cuisine. No one should miss this experience!