Friday, February 26, 2016

Cabbages & Condoms

  Cabbages and Condoms is the name of a restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand. The restaurant may be hard to find because is located in an alley and for that reason many people called it one of the hidden gems of Bangkok. The main theme of this restaurant? You guessed it, condoms! However it may no be what you think. The restaurant aims to educate the public about safe sex and promotes the health and safety aspects of condom use in a fun and amusing manner.
  The founder of this restaurant is Senator Mechai Viravidiya. He opened the restaurant to spread of knowledge of contraception and to decrease HIV cases in Bangkok. The money customers pay goes to the CDA (Community Development Association) which also aims to educate citizens about safe sex. It was name Cabbages & Condoms because cabbages are one, if not the most common food in Thailand. The comparison thrives to make people realized that condoms should be as common as cabbages.
   The decoration is very themed centered and picturesque. The first thing you may see when entering is life sized manikins with condoms decorating them as if it where clothes.

There are also lamps covered in condoms, articles about AIDS prevention, and instead of giving you regular restaurant mints with your bill you get condoms. 

     The restaurant has two seating areas, indoor and outdoor. The outdoor part or the garden is most known for its water fall down a wall. However, if you decide yo sit outdoor be aware of the mosquitos. Most of the time the waiters give bottles of insect repellent but you can also may ask for one. The indoor area is two floors, the second floor is a balcony over looking the garden. At night it gives a more romantic atmosphere because of the lights decorating it. 
   The C&C restaurant offers a pleasant dinning experience with excellent food. The menu is very varied with various appetizers, soups, tradition dishes for spicy lovers or non-exotic food lovers too. Even vegetarians are taked in consideration. The price is very moderate. Great food, great prices, great sense of humor and many many condoms, but just as the restaurant motto says "Our food is Guaranteed not to cause pregnancy.".

Friday, February 19, 2016

Eating in a Snow Castle?

   The snow castle of Kemi is an hotel and restaurant completely made of snow. Located at the city of Kemi, Finland. This restaurant does not open up during summer, instead we can say is rebuild every year during winter only. The restaurant offers the same ammenuties as a regular restaurant, but at minus 5 degrees Celsius.
   The restaurant is all snow! It has ice tables, seats covered with reindeer fur, ice sculptures, and  great light effects are also part of the charm and ice sculptures. Obviously great protection to keep you warm is needed. Thankfully, the restaurant has a shop near by where you can buy all types of coats. Menu includes local fish like salmon and perch served with vegetables, a wide variety of soups, and their famous lamb. Reservations in advance are obligatory.
   This magnificent snow restaurant that includes a delicious 3-course dinner in a truly extraordinary environment with its own ice bar is something you have to experience to believe. 



Thursday, February 11, 2016

Disaster Café - Eating in the Middle of an Earthquake?

   Disaster café is located at Lloret de Mar, Spain. Lloret de Mar is known for its constant earthquakes  and this influenced the restaurant's theme.
   First, a reservation in advance is highly suggested because the place is beyond popular. Tourist and everyday visitors love to go there for the quality of the food and the adrenaline rush. While arriving, the first noticeable aspect is that the entrance is pretty ordinary and many people have gotten discourage by this. However, at the entrance an alien themed restaurant decorated as an spaceship for children is fist seen. This is only used on weekends and children under 14 can stay there while their parents enjoy the depths of this restaurant. The elevator will take you to "The Depths of Earth". Staff wearing construction helmets and safety equipment appear outside the elevator and guide you towards the tables. In simple terms, you will feel inside a cave. After the food is ordered, it will arrive in heavy dishes. Suddenly, at one point of the meal a 7.8 earthquake will hit the cave.
   Disaster café is a simulated 7.8 earthquake restaurant. How many earthquakes will occur during your meal and precisely at what time is unknown, the idea is to keep the customer expectant. Spilled drinks and food are common but all precautions are taken (that's why the heavy dishes). If you are looking for a place with great food and an adrenaline rush this is the perfect place. Is definitely worth a visit to experience what the people of Lloret de Mar, Spain constantly go through but as a real disaster from nature. 


Check out the link to see a video from one of the customers.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ninja New York - Eating With Ninjas?

    Ninja New York, located at 25 Hudson Street on New York City, is a subterranean restaurant set as an old fashioned Japanese village full of dark corners and tricky passageways.
    There are individual rooms laid out in a complex maze setup throughout the whole restaurant. The idea is that the customers can experience the world in which the ninja lived. Customers are greeted by servers in while costumes that regularly Yelp and perform martial art tricks, even while swing the food. Is a restaurant full of culture and martial arts.
     The restaurant is made to go with the whole family or a simple date, it's an all around entrainment kind of experience, where a magic show also takes place. The restaurant offers three different menus, including a vegetarian menu. Is important to reserve before time because the place is usually packed up and no one wants to wait to be seated. A downside for this restaurant is the price ($50 per plate) but some argue the experience is worth it.