Monday, March 28, 2016

For Dog Lovers - Coolbaby Dog Restaurant

     Coolbaby opened recently as a dog theme park in Beijing, China. It has a playground, a swimming pool, an obstacle courses, and also a restaurant specially designated for our most special friends.  Not only dogs can have meals together with their owners, but the recipes offered are based on nutritional science and divided for the different breeds, ages, and size of their clients.
    There are two different chefs, one for the dogs which specializes in having the food stocked and makes sure that each breed and consideration of the dog is served the right food and portion. On the other hand, the food for us, the owners is pretty good but is mainly fast food like sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs and so on. The kitchen is divided in two, one side is for the dog food and the other for the owners meal preparations. Dogs have the priority, the main idea of this restaurant is too focus on the dogs and so the owners don't really have the attention they may desired or will receive in a normal restaurant.
   The reviews of this restaurant, despite being unusual, have been really helpful for the restaurant itself making them grow and expand to a bigger setting. It's a great way to espend time with your dog and not worrying of leaving them in the car or at home alone. 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Eating in Prison? - Devil Island Prison

   The restaurant located at China is decorated down to the las detail as if it was a real prison. it enjoys great realism thanks to its decoration that includes a large steel structure at its entrance as a prison, the inside doors and windows have steel bars, and metal floors. The waiters are dressed as inmates with black and white striped uniforms, while the security personnel are dressed as guards. Even the food is served on typical prison trays. 
   Initially this restaurant was created to scare and avoid people to get into a life of crime and show the harshness of being in prison. Upon entering the restaurant, customers become prisoners, they are photographed, fingerprinted, and optionally handcuffed. Don't expect a beautiful decorated table to dine in, after all you're still in prison so you will dine in a simple metal table. Food in the contrary, for decoration purposes, actually looks ice prison food but tastes absolutely amazing according to some customers reviews. 
   It definitely is a different experience, which personally I'm not very interested to experience because  I do enjoy homely settings to dine in. However, never say never, at least you will be eating with known inmates that you sully call friends. The restaurant is also a great way to incite a no-crime life. 

Friday, March 4, 2016

Eating with Dracula? - Count Dracula Club Restaurant

   From the wall decorations to the napkins you will feel in the 15th century with no other than Dracula. Dracula will rise from his coffin that's placed among the tables. He will walk around looking for a fresh neck to bite. And all that while you enjoy a delicious meal.
  This restaurant is located at Bucharest, Romania. It's a hit for tourist, it has a wide variety of rooms, each one themed differently. There is the Transilvanian room, the hunting room, the cellar, the medial room among others. The price of meals are very reasonable. With meals from $7.50.
 From the first step inside, you will be transported to an underworld of gothic splendour. The interior is decked out like a crypt, with heads on the walls. Dangling chains and even a dungeon accessed by a stone staircase and where customers eat in candlelight. The music is also part of the environment. It's mostly sounds the you expect from being in Dracula's castle. Dracula itselfs invite you to dinner and if you're old enough he will even have some drinks with you. Dinner is mostly a multi course meal starting with salad, moving on to a mani course and dessert.
  Be prepared for a night full of laughs with a comical Dracula.