Friday, March 11, 2016

Eating in Prison? - Devil Island Prison

   The restaurant located at China is decorated down to the las detail as if it was a real prison. it enjoys great realism thanks to its decoration that includes a large steel structure at its entrance as a prison, the inside doors and windows have steel bars, and metal floors. The waiters are dressed as inmates with black and white striped uniforms, while the security personnel are dressed as guards. Even the food is served on typical prison trays. 
   Initially this restaurant was created to scare and avoid people to get into a life of crime and show the harshness of being in prison. Upon entering the restaurant, customers become prisoners, they are photographed, fingerprinted, and optionally handcuffed. Don't expect a beautiful decorated table to dine in, after all you're still in prison so you will dine in a simple metal table. Food in the contrary, for decoration purposes, actually looks ice prison food but tastes absolutely amazing according to some customers reviews. 
   It definitely is a different experience, which personally I'm not very interested to experience because  I do enjoy homely settings to dine in. However, never say never, at least you will be eating with known inmates that you sully call friends. The restaurant is also a great way to incite a no-crime life. 

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  1. I would personally like to eat in that place, It looks interesting.