Monday, March 28, 2016

For Dog Lovers - Coolbaby Dog Restaurant

     Coolbaby opened recently as a dog theme park in Beijing, China. It has a playground, a swimming pool, an obstacle courses, and also a restaurant specially designated for our most special friends.  Not only dogs can have meals together with their owners, but the recipes offered are based on nutritional science and divided for the different breeds, ages, and size of their clients.
    There are two different chefs, one for the dogs which specializes in having the food stocked and makes sure that each breed and consideration of the dog is served the right food and portion. On the other hand, the food for us, the owners is pretty good but is mainly fast food like sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs and so on. The kitchen is divided in two, one side is for the dog food and the other for the owners meal preparations. Dogs have the priority, the main idea of this restaurant is too focus on the dogs and so the owners don't really have the attention they may desired or will receive in a normal restaurant.
   The reviews of this restaurant, despite being unusual, have been really helpful for the restaurant itself making them grow and expand to a bigger setting. It's a great way to espend time with your dog and not worrying of leaving them in the car or at home alone. 


  1. Jajaj this is kindoff cute. I hate it when people have they're dogs sitting in a chair next to them eating from the table, but I think it's cool that in this restaurant the focus is on the dogs.

  2. Yo, what about if the dog has to go to the bathroom..

  3. This place seems very interesting. I would love to take my little chihuahua here, she loves going places with me.