Sunday, April 24, 2016

Eating Inside a Coffin - Eternity Restaurant

One day an Ukrainian undertaker, named Stephen Pyrianyk, decided to build a giant coffin and convert, such coffin, in a restaurant. 

The coffin is 20 meters long, 6 meters wide, and 6 meters high. It has been recognized as the largest coffin in the world by the Guinness World Records. The coffin is made of pine. Inside, the coffin is decorated with dozens of normal-sized coffins and wreaths. Single candles light the tables which helps the restaurant with its mourning atmosphere. 

The menu isn't left behind, customers can order dishes that coordinate with theme of the restaurant. Some of the dishes are named after local mourning rituals. The most popular dish is called "Let's meet in paradise."

The restaurant is located in the town of Truskavets, near the Polish border. Personally, I wouldn't like to have dinner here, not even out of curiosity. A part of me believes is kind of morbid and is not in my bucket list to have dinner or being in a coffin any time soon. 

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  1. This is way to morbid for me and assume that the restaurant is not making much profit. It's probably really cold inside though.