Monday, May 9, 2016

Eating in Medieval Times?

   If you are one of those girls that dream of her knight in shining armor, I have the solution for you! it last only two hours though, but you get to eat with him and everything. And guys you can go watch the... swords and the fight. Meanwhile I will go for the food.
   Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament is a family theater dinner that features sword-fighting, jousting, and medieval games. This business is located in 9 different cities, including Orlando, Florida. The show is performed by a large cast, approximately 75 actors and more than 20 horses in the 9 different chains. It was founded 32 years ago and it's very famous. It has appeared on TV more than once.

   There's a web page where you can buy tickets, get to know more about the show, watch videos, know more about the cast and even buy packages, or reserved for special events. Not everyday you get to eat in a castle and wear a crown.

  Is recommended to arrive early to get good seats and see the area around the castle. Reviews suggest the food was vary tasty and service was prompt. Medieval Times offers a four-course meal along with an exciting two hour, live tournament show. there are various coupons and offers on the website. There are also choices for our vegetarians friends. Is a great place for a family dinner and a exhilarating new experience. 


  1. It must be awesome to experience a joust while eating a gourmet meal! I will definitely add this to my bucket list.

  2. What if the performers ARE the meals?

  3. Sounds cool. Can You take para in the tournaments and games too?

  4. I've ate here before. Its super cool, but you have to eat with your hands!